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Radiant Life is a warm, positive and safe yoga space that will support you to flourish as the best version of your perfectly imperfect self.

We really are all perfectly imperfect – and that’s okay! I know how hard it is to find that elusive ‘balance’ in your life. I worked in corporate marketing for 20 years, while raising two energetic boys and accommodating a sporty husband. I know how it feels to be walking around with a tight feeling in your gut and panic in your heart as you relentlessly slave to get it all done.

Practising yoga for the past 20 years has been my salvation. Indeed, in the past 10 years, when my practise and commitment deepened, I have come to a new understanding of what’s important. I’ve learned how to best support myself so I can support those I love and others around me.

For me, it’s all about quiet solitude, connection with nature and doing and being ‘enough’. You might call it re-learning how to breathe – both physically and mentally. For you, it might be something quite different that helps you glow and grow.

I believe that through yoga, we can rediscover what truly matters to us and centre our life around those values. This is for all of us – not just the super fit or super gorgeous. Yoga is for every body and every mind. Working with Mark Breadner to achieve my 200 hours yoga teacher accreditation was life-changing for me. I hope I can offer the same pivotal moment for you in your own life.

I invite you to join me on the mat to begin or extend your understanding of what is important to you. Through yoga, I’ll set you on a path to lead a vibrant, glorious life where you feel nourished, supported and connected.

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2015 – Kids Yoga teacher training – Karma Kids Yoga
2017 – 200 hr YTT – Mark Breadner – YogaCoach
2018 – Meditation Facilitator training – Nikola Ellis, Adore Yoga
2018 – 100 hr Yin Yoga teacher training – Mel McLaughlin, YinSpace
2019 – 300 hr YTT – Byron Bay Yoga & Judy Krupp
First Aid certificate:
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Rae Thorneloe is an engaging, compassionate teacher who has been practising yoga for over 20 years. She believes that yoga should be accessible to every body and every mind. It was with this deep understanding that she founded Radiant Life in 2017.

Before this, Rae worked full time in the corporate world while raising two energetic, sporty boys. She understands the immense pressure we feel to do and “have it all”. She knows how hard it can be to unravel the knot of panic and uncertainty we often carry in our gut.

Practising yoga for the past 20 busy years has been Rae’s salvation. In the past 10 years, she has deepened her yoga commitment and understanding on an emotional, physical, mental and spiritual level. In 2017 she completed her 200 hour accreditation with Mark Breadner.

Rae shares the transformative power of yoga with her diverse community though classes that are positive, supportive and non-judgmental. Her classes break down the myth that in order to benefit from yoga you have to have a flexible body – having a flexible mind is a more important requirement. Each class is carefully balanced to ensure students leave feeling peaceful, refreshed and connected.

Surrendering to Rae’s positive, compassionate energy brings students quiet solitude as they move towards an easier way of living and being.

“I started yoga in 2002 and with Rae 2 years ago. Rae is the best teacher I’ve ever had. She teaches us not just the poses and moves, but also their philosophical and scientific underpinnings. Rae is loving and welcoming. She teaches across a range of student abilities, from new starters to those with several years’ experience, providing guidance to each of us individually to help us practice our yoga in accordance with our own abilities. Rae’s classes are a highlight of my week and I am hugely grateful to have her in my life.”

– Anja

Radiant Life yoga is about self-care and self-acceptance.

It’s about taking time out to nurture yourself and deepen your understanding of what matters to you most.