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Meet Rae

Radiant Life

Radiant Life is a warm, positive and safe yoga space that will support you to flourish as the best version of your perfectly imperfect self.

Radiant Life yoga is about self-care and self-acceptance.  It’s about taking time out to nurture yourself and deepen your understanding of what matters to you most.  Rae Thorneloe invites you to join her thoughtful, compassionate yoga community and find a connection.

Rae Thorneloe is an engaging, compassionate teacher who has been practising yoga for over 20 years. She believes that yoga should be accessible to every body and every mind. It was with this deep understanding that she founded Radiant Life in 2017.


Come to Class

Set down your cares for a while and feel calm and refreshed after a Radiant Life class.

Yoga for Everybody

You don’t have to be fit, you just have to be real. Yoga is just as much about a flexible mind as it is about a flexible body.


Join me on the mat

I invite you to join me on the mat to begin or extend your understanding of what is important to you. Through yoga, I’ll set you on a path to lead a vibrant, glorious life where you feel nourished, supported and connected.

“Having never been drawn to participate in a yoga class for some 50 something years, my dear friend decided to take on her calling and learn the art of teaching the practice. I took part in one of Rae’s first adult classes and have never looked back since. 
Rae’s gentle and caring soul oozes out of her, making the whole experience of each of her classes a pleasurable and well-being experience. From making sure you’re in the correct position to ensuring you have adaptations regarding your ability and flexibility. 
As serious as yoga is, there are occasional times, when humour is embraced during Rae’s classes! I’m loving the benefits of this amazing practice and gorgeous teacher. “ “


“Practicing yoga with Rae gives me 90 minutes of calm movement, relaxation and recharge. It also gives me the motivation to actually practice at home more than I thought I could. I highly recommend anyone looking for a yoga practice to join Rae’s happy tribe.”


“After a 15-year break from yoga, I was extremely nervous about starting back up again, but I shouldn’t have worried.  From the moment I stepped into Rae’s class I was welcomed with such warmth and positive energy.  Rae always explains each pose in such detail and gently guides you to listen to your body.  I look forward to her classes and always leave very blissed out.”

“Rae is a passionate and generous woman who has found her calling, and is at one with her purpose in life. Her spirit is contagious. She resonates calm, authenticity and is completely genuine. Her heart beats with empathy and compassion. Im blessed to know her and celebrate all she brings to the people she teaches.
“Yin yoga with Rae is my little mid-week self-nurturing haven where I get the opportunity to pause, breathe deeply and just be. 
 Candlelight and salt lamps, soft meditative music, a fire in winter.
Rae’s grace and gentle voice guide us through deep stretches, with the occasional inspirational quote or poem thrown in. We gain incidental knowledge of meridians and other ancient wisdom.
I leave feeling at peace. Refuelled and rejuvenated; more balanced in body, mind and spirit than when I started, and I always sleep deeply.”